NYC-Local Farms: Silvermine Apiary

I met Andrew last Saturday afternoon, at the Greenmarket party sponsored by GOOD magazine. His table was very distinct, with a glass rack with honeycomb and live bees crawling around inside it.

He’s a real nice, stand-up guy, and a multi-generation bee keeper. According to his brochure, his family has been keeping bees and making honey since the 1800’s. We chatted about colony collapse disorder and the need for bees as pollinators for industrial farming while Andrew fed me tastes of his honeys.

Their honey was superb, with a rich and rounded flavor, without the metallic tang and browbeating sweetness of industrial honeys. The color was a medium amber, darker than industrial honey. His whipped honey (honey with air beaten into it) was lighter, less intense and more spreadable, perfect for toast or scones.

Andrew’s honeys are never heated or processed, just either cold-pressed from the honey comb (like olive oil) or spun in a centrifuge to get the honey out of the comb, then strained through cheese cloth to get the bits of comb out and poured straight into the bottle. The difference in taste really was remarkable.

Andrew does not sell at the Greenmarket, but you can find his honey at two Connecticut farmers’ markets and some area stores. He also does mail order. His customer service certainly goes the distance; his website asks to you email him at if you need “pollen, comb honey, royal jelly, royal jelly mixed in honey, bulk products” or even if you “need a swarm of bees removed, would like a beehive on your property, or any other honeybee related matter.


2 responses to “NYC-Local Farms: Silvermine Apiary

  1. Great news! Andrew now sells his honey at the Greenmarket in Union Square on Wednesdays.

    He’s fantastic! A group of us from the NYC Beekeeping Meet-up Group work with him on some hives in the Lower East Side. He’s so knowledgeable about bees and you’re right, his honey is delicious!

  2. That honey looks very good. Nice design with the logo as well. Wildflower honey is one of my favorites.

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