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Occupation at NYU

This isn’t quite on topic, but it is local:  NYU students occupied parts of the Kimmel center for most of the last 2 days.  They are protesting NYU’s refusal to allow teaching assistants to unionize or collectively bargain, demanding transparency in NYU’s accounting and endowment, and a fair labor contract for all NYU employees.  This is not a random occurrence – it’s part of the Take Back NYU Campaign, which has been advocating for these goals, among others, for over 2 years.


My friend Sarah, a grad student at NYU, was part of the group occupying the student center, and let me know about it.  It’s also been picked up by the New York Times, was well as the NYC Indymedia.  NYU Local was liveblogging it here.

As a TA, I’m really glad we have a union – without it, I wouldn’t have health insurance, and the university wouldn’t be paying for my in-state tuition.  They keep trying to reduce the wages and benefits of the TA’s, and it’s only due to our union negotiations and solidarity with other unions that they haven’t succeeded.

Sorry for the long absence – in the time balace between blogging and grad school, grad school comes out on top, but I’ll have some California-local goodies for you soon.